About PagodaWest Games
Who is PagodaWest?

PagodaWest is a small independent games development team currently specializing in the development of high end interactive media for mobile devices.

With a broad set of experience from various corners of the media industry in animation, design and programming coupled with a fiery passion for the world of video games and all that is associated with it we aim to set the bar for what is expected from a mobile gaming experience; relatable characters, rich graphics, infectious sound design and most importantly of all - addictive, refreshing gameplay that, for any audience, is easy to pick up yet hard to put down.

With these qualities in mind, our philosophy at PagodaWest Games is quite simple: We make games the way they should be.

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Nom Chops Now Nomming on the App Store

Now on the App Store, Nom Chops features NOMster, a ferocious nomming monster in search of a thousand good meals where players must help NOMster eat as many slimes …

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